Tilford and Rushmoor Tennis Club

 The Club Rules

These basic rules will be displayed on the club notice board and on the club web site. 

To limit damage to the surface please no roller skates, bicycles, skateboards, metal chairs, wheelbarrows or chewing gum.  

During periods of exceptionally hot weather play may be temporarily suspended. 

To limit damage to the side netting please no footballs.

This is a beautiful place to play tennis. This excellent facility is run by volunteers. Your subscription helps to maintain these courts. Please help us to look after it.  Please report any suspicious acitivity or vandalism to info@trtennis.org.uk

The Full Rules

These rules are also displayed on the club web site.

1. The Committee 

The Committee determines the Club's Rules and their interpretation and may change them when appropriate. Any changes will be posted on the club website.

The Committee will take minutes at any committee meeting. After approval at the subsequent Committee meeting, the minutes can be requested from the club secretary seven days after the meeting.

2. Membership. 

A member will be accepted once they have paid the appropriate subscription, subject to the following conditions:

a. At any point within six weeks from receipt of a new application the Committee may, at its absolute discretion, decide to reject the application. This decision will be communicated to the candidate within fourteen days of it being made, with all subscription fees paid being refunded.

b. The applicant agrees on payment of the entrance fee to be bound by the Rules of the Club.

Club professional coaches are required to become members.

Entrance fees and subscription rates for each category of membership are set by the Committee and may be changed at any time during the subscription year.

3. Annual Subscription

The annual subscription is due each spring. You will be notified of this date in advance. Members should pay the amount due in full by this date to be able to collect their key at a specified location.   Members, who pay after the subscription date must pay and collect the key from Tilford stores with an additional charge of £5.00. 

Lost key charge £8.00.

Failure to Pay Subscription

Any member who has not paid their annual subscription within 6 weeks of the specified date will be in default and their membership will lapse.


The re-admission of a member who has defaulted will incur an administration of £13.00.


A member who wishes to resign their membership shall inform the Managment and will thereupon cease to be a member. There is no entitlement to any refund of subscription. Membership is not transferable to another person.

4. The Club Premises 

Play is permissible from 8am to sunset. Evening play during the summer months must be considerate to neighbouring properties. 

Car Parking

Car parking is available in the Stockbridge car park across the road from the courts. Cars may not at any time park on the land adjacent to the courts or next to the public byway, not even for dropping off.


Parents and guardians of junior members, who are not themselves members, may accompany their children onto the Club premises for the duration of the junior member's activity but are not themselves entitled to use the Club's sports facilities.  Children being brought to or collected from the Club are to be escorted into and out of the Courts.

Members and members acting in loco parentis, are responsible for the conduct and supervision of their children at all times while on the Club premises.


Smoking is not permitted on the courts. Smokers may only smoke outside the courts and should dispose of cigarette ends safely.


Members must ensure that their dogs are kept off the courts and under control at all times.

Private Notices

Private advertisements and notices may not be posted on Club notice boards without the permission of the Committee.  The Committee may at their discretion charge for notices.


Alcohol must not be taken on to the courts. 

Damage to Club Property

Any member responsible for breaking or damaging property of the Club must report the incident immediately to the Committee and will, at the discretion of the Committee, be responsible for the cost of repair. 

Removal of Club Property

No member may take any item of Club property away from the Club premises without the prior permission of the Committee. 

Liability for Members' Property

The Club does not accept liability for any loss or damage to property which may arise on the Club premises.

The Committee may set aside parts of the Club premises for any purpose they deem fit.

No member may use the address or premises of the Club for their own business purposes.

5. Members' Responsibilities for Guests

The Club is a members’ Club. Members may invite guests in accordance with the rules below.

Members introducing guests are responsible for their conduct and their compliance with the Club's Rules.

A member may introduce up to three guests at any one time. No one person may be introduced as a guest on more than four occasions during the subscription year.

Guests are charged a fee of £2.00 per session.  Members are responsible for entering the guest names in the visitors' book in the notice board by the courts.  The guest fee will be added to the following years subscription. The Committee reserves the right to contact members during the year to collect guest fees if they are accumulating. 

Members who do not sign in guests will be asked to pay double the guest fee, followed by a warning. 

Visiting Teams

Members of visiting teams will not pay a guest fee and may have use of Club facilities relevant to their fixture during their visit.  

6. Use of Club Facilities 

Members are required to sign in before play in the players book situated in the notice board by the courts.

The Committee may appoint Club Professionals. 

Court bookings for members

At this point there is no individual court booking apart from by prearrangement with the Committee.

If both courts are in use members are requested to play for no more than half an hour if more players arrive to use the facilities.  

To help maintain the court surface Tennis shoes or non-marking trainers are the only permissible footwear. 

To limit damage to the surface please no roller skates, bicycles, skateboards, metal chairs, wheelbarrows or chewing gum.  

During periods of exceptionally hot weather play may be temporarily suspended. 

To limit damage to the side netting please no footballs.

7. Club Policies

Etiquette and Behaviour

Members are at all times politely required to observe the etiquette appropriate to the sport and to behave in a polite and courteous manner towards other members, visitors, coaches and the Committee. 

Please no swearing on court.

Complaints about any member are to be made to the Committee.  If deemed necessary a warning will be given to the member about his conduct.

A member, who is expelled by a majority vote after warnings, has no right to the return of any part of his Club subscription.